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FEUPTeam | M. Teresa Restivo, P. Abreu,
Manuel R. Quintas
Product Developers | R. Tavares, P. Sousa
rehabilitation glove


The access to rehabilitation treatments may sometimes be confined by the availability of specialized therapists and by the prohibitive amount of time spent on travelling to meet with them. Past studies show the potential of using remote rehabilitation in order to surpass these limitations.

This lead us to create an online hand rehabilitation software in order to promote rehabilitation exercises at home. This platform allows patients to use monitoring devices in order to carry out rehabilitation exercises represented on a virtual environment. The data collected throughout these exercises is stored either in a local or a remote database, whereas the latter enables further analysis and replay of the exercise by a therapist. The platform also provides a multi-user online interaction in real-time, allowing a single therapist to connect with many users in a virtual lobby.

The monitoring device is an instrumented glove with 14 bend sensors and a 6-axis IMU and communicates with the online platform through USB or Bluetooth Low Energy.

The application is multiplatform, supporting Windows or Android, and a representation of the collected data was adapted to WebGL and can be accessed from the Go to Application Link.



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